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Bromley Business Systems (BBS) provides IT systems support and services to a wide variety of clients in locations across London and the South East, including Maidstone, Bromley, Sevenoaks, Dartford and surrounding areas of Kent.

Whatever the size and nature of your business, we can provide sound advice, solid systems and reliable IT support, now and in the future.

Advice & Consultancy

IT systems are simply business tools. As with any task, having the right tool gives a better, quicker and more reliable outcome. IT systems differ from other business tools only in their apparent complexity and in the hype that often surrounds them. Rather than hide behind this we cut through the jargon, telling you straightforwardly:

  • What will work well for you, and what will not
  • How you can evolve your system, and your longer-term IT strategy, for the benefit of your business
  • What is best value for your business

Whatever your situation, we look and listen first and then give honest advice. So if your system needs little or no improvement we will tell you that too!

Contact us to see how we can help you.

IT support BBS in Kent, Surrey, Sussex.

Networks & Communications

Data communications are now central to countless businesses. Many of our clients operate on more than one site, with many more having users remote from the office. All of this requires reliable and secure connectivity. Whatever your situation, we have experience of it and can help. For example:

  • You have multiple sites needing access to common data
  • You have sites overseas
  • You have colleagues who travel extensively as part of their role
  • You want to explore the benefits of teleworking

Using proven, industry-standard technology, we can address these and other issues for you, securely and reliably.
Contact our team to help plan, implement or improve any element of your network or data security.
We also provide full support and IT maintenance services.

Systems & Solutions

Your IT system should be more than just a collection of IT hardware. It is almost certainly central to your business and should be a stable platform for it. However, all too often, we find that:

  • Systems have evolved without a strategy, and seem haphazard and confusing to users
  • Fundamentally sound systems are let down by a few crucial weaknesses, or by lack of support when things go wrong
  • Sadly, some systems just don’t fit the bill
  • Businesses are being shaped by their IT system, when it should be the other way around!

If any of this sounds familiar to you, or you just want to discuss aspects of your IT system and requirements, we are here to help so please contact us for further details.

Business Continuity

Good system design, specification and implementation helps minimise, but cannot eradicate, the risk of failure. The nature of your business may mean that further measures, to avert or alleviate possible business disruption, make good business sense.
For example:

  • Where transaction volumes are such that a “return to “backup” scenario would not be viable for you
  • Where time is of the essence in closing deals with your clients
  • Where your major clients want reassurance about business continuity, and require demonstrable business continuity measures

In such instances, we can advise on the cost/benefit of various business continuity options. With our help, you can find the best trade-off between the cost of such measures and the consequences of the risks that they address.
In practice, this concept applies, to some degree, to all businesses. Relatively inexpensive measures to reduce the risk of disruption include:

  • Reviewing how and where your data is stored and backed up
  • Specifying servers to be resilient, to cope with the failure of some key components
  • Measures to backup broadband lines in the event of failure

Contact us to see how business continuity measures could benefit your business, whatever its size.

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